Schedule a Self-Balancing Workshop

NaNu’s Self-Balancing workshop creates the space for clarity, reflection, and balance; encouraging you to approach situations rooted from your true-self and leverage opportunities that are optimal for you.

The Self-Balancing series is a seven-day (Monday – Sunday) one hour interactive program that gives you the tools to quickly reset and re-balance. We translate ‘natural health’ concepts in understandable language that focuses on important areas of life: security, relationships, confidence, well-being, expression, self-realization, and conscious living.

The series is completely individual focused – it provides a process, not an outcome, and encourages you to be introspective without the need for sharing, making it a safe space for anyone to participate.

You will be given the tools for self-balancing in order to maintain confidence moving forward. Whether you decide to do something more long-term after (e.g. yoga, self-care/self-talk etc.) These workshops provide you with important techniques to choose what you need moving forward.

There is a workshop series starting on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month, finishing on the following Sunday – morning and evening sessions are available. Please write us for more information.

Nanu believes in healthy and happy living for everyone. We are dedicated to using language and techniques that are easy to understand, easy to digest, and easy to apply.