Our Story and Possibility


Hi there! My name is Maxie Friendly (and yes, that really is my last name) I am the founder and practitioner of NaNu (short for NatureNurture)

The story

I am a professional Рand, I also believe in the benefits of natural health. I always thought that I had to make a choice between my professional life and a healthy approach to living. Both paths were opportunities that stood in front of me.
Even though I recognized the benefits of the natural health options out there – the language, ideas and concepts around wellness did not connect with me or the professional realm I was in. When I broke down the not-so-digestible language into terms I could understand, I noticed there was a significant connection between holistic techniques, and important everyday areas of life that we (as humans) strive to balance. Areas that are central for our overall well being.

It has become my mission to bring both paths together.

The possibility

The possibility of Connection, Confidence and Opportunity is one that drove me to create NaNu. I am dedicated to providing the tools for healthy and happy living for everyone, and using accessible language and techniques to empower people to live life confidently and from their true-self.