About Us

NaNu (short for NatureNurture) is a licensed whole-health practice in Canada – specializing in dynamic massage and self-balancing workshops – dedicated to supporting people in their commitment to living a confident and thriving life.

We’re about Confidence, Connection, and Opportunity.
Our promise is to create the space for clarity, reflection, and balance, so you can approach situations rooted from your true-self and leverage opportunities that are optimal for you.

What’s in [our] name: According to the Ayurveda concept of dosha, everyone has unique dominant attributes (Nature) influenced by various outside factors (Nurture). Applying techniques to balance both sides, helps pave the way for you to feel good about the opportunities you choose – allowing you to live more confidently and connected.

The core of the NaNu approach begins through a series of building blocks that attend to both your Nature and Nurture:

FIRST we balance: workshops to understand our nature.
Seven (Monday – Sunday) one hour interactive self-balancing classes that use specifically designed techniques such as – internal exercises (simple yoga-like postures), intention setting, and dynamic massage to quickly gain personal clarity on the following topics: security, relationships, confidence, well-being, expression, self-realization, and conscious living.

SECOND we trust: enjoy life through confidence; personal inspired action that comes from a place of knowing your true-self.

THIRD we nurture ourselves: dynamic massage and other healthy options to keep you feeling rejuvenated and thriving.

NaNu believes in healthy and happy living for everyone. We are dedicated to using language and techniques that are easy to understand, easy to digest, and easy to apply.